Your Fashion Portfolio

Dubai has something new and cool for those who love and enjoy photography! Be it from the avid enthusiast, fashion or media student and even to the seasoned pro. Are you into fashion and photography? If you’re trying to break into the industry it isn’t easy! The only way to get clients is to have a proven track record, but of course that doesn’t come until you’ve got an excellent and substantial portfolio of work to show potential clients.

X-Pose Magazine’s founder Michael Kruger has just launched YOUR FASHION PORTFOLIO this October 2016. When he started out in 2006, in London, it was incredibly difficult and costly to arrange a fashion shoot for his portfolio and to gain more experience. Putting a team of agency quality models, make up artists, stylists and assistants was impossible, it just cost too much! With this in mind, he has launched dedicated shoot days, once a month, for fashion photography enthusiasts to come and build up a varied portfolio in just a day. A whole professional team with years of experience will be put together for you. Only agency quality models are used for our shoot days, ensuring great photos!


All the hard work is done for you at the fraction of the cost. Models, make up artists, hair stylists, assistants and locations are arranged for you. Just turn up and shoot. Models will have various changes during the day and locations [within the main location] will change. We also hold studio days if you’d like to work in a studio and gain more experience and understanding with lighting set ups and a studio environment.

YFP’s next shoot day will take place at a disclosed location in Dubai on Saturday the 5th November 2016. Numbers are limited so get in touch with YFP via their site here on  or call Michael directly on 0501131125. Also, check out their promo video, filmed during a trial afternoon session with a couple of photographers.


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