Trudy Klein

Queen of Make Up

X-Pose Magazine has their own chief make up artist, who works on most of our photo shoots. Not only does she do hair, makeup, assist, make coffees and put up with all the staff mischief here at the magazine, but she also bounces all this between her own freelance work too! So, as founder of the magazine, I think it’s only fitting we do a feature on our very own Trudy Klein! Trudy is primarily a freelance make up artist, who works mainly in both the fashion and film industries, so lets hear a bit more from her!

XPM: Hi Truds, since we’re on a quick break from shooting this afternoon, I thought I’d nail you down for a chat. I’m sure our reader’s would like to know a little more about one of X-Pose Magazine’s own. So, as a professional make up artist, we have to ask what made you make the change from the corporate world to a creative one?

TK: I have always loved makeup and hairstyling as I was growing up and discovered that I have a natural talent for both. After working for a corporate company for 3 years in Dubai, I realized that I was unhappy and wasn’t working in a job that gave me joy every day so I took some time to think about what type of job would give me that and I realized that I still loved makeup and wanted to do it on a full time basis. So, I left and haven’t looked back since!

XPM: Every creative tries to develop his or her own noticeable style. Do you have one or something you aspire to when it comes to your work?

TK: I always believe that less is more, and everything in life not just makeup. I think makeup should be worn but it shouldn’t wear you! My style is predominately Western and I like to use makeup to play up a woman’s features to their best advantage. I believe in enhancing a woman’s beauty not masking it!

XPM: We know that most of your work varies between the fashion and film industries. What are the noticeable differences between the two?

TK: Film makeup is usually more on the natural side, conservative, understated and simple; unless you’re doing special effects makeup then that allows some creativity through but that is only on special projects. The filming hours are much, much longer than a fashion shoot! Fashion makeup is more about personality, creativity, challenging perceptions, breaking through boundaries and experimentation. i.e. More fun!

Trudy 04

XPM: Filming in the desert during summer months is always going to be hot! How the heck do you and the rest of the crew and cast cope?

TK: It’s not easy at all but the production companies are not unreasonable and do actually provide fans on set or air-conditioned port-a-cabins for us to cool off and hydrate in. We drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, hats and bug spray to ward of unwanted bugs and sunstroke. Still, I would prefer to do more studio work during the hot months! Anything else over being eaten alive by desert bugs!

XPM: As for the fashion industry. Do you have any one shoot that stands out for you and why?

TK: Um, I enjoyed the shoot that I shot for the previous X-pose magazine issue called Winter Ice. I couldn’t have asked for a better result in the look of the shoot. I loved every aspect of the look from the hair, makeup, clothes etc. It was a creative triumph for me.

Winter Ice

XPM: If you could meet and do hair and make up for any celebrity in the world, past or present who would it be and why?

 TK: Ooh, that’s a tough one. I have so many favourites but if I had to choose, I would say Princess Diana. She really never needed much makeup as she was so beautiful naturally but who wouldn’t be glad to be the makeup artist to a princess?

XPM: Do you favour any products in your kit, and if so, which one’s and why?

TK: I do have my favourites which include foundations from Makeup Forever and Illamasqua, eyeshadows, lipsticks, concealers, powders from MAC. I have tried and tested a few products and these are just a few that have proven to be the best in terms of finish, quality and durability. A girl doesn’t want to have to reapply her makeup halfway through her day so products that last long and helps to achieve a flawless look has got to be in my kit.

XPM: Working with us here at X-Pose Magazine must be such a drag sometimes [sarcastic chuckle], but what is it you enjoy most about being our chief make up artist?

TK: Yes, it’s a pain sometimes especially dealing with the photographer but someone has to do it! [just kidding!] No, seriously, I enjoy it all. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be trusted as a makeup artist to bring an idea to life and to be allowed to be creative without being censored by any constraints.

XPM: Truds thanks very much for all your input and hard work on the magazine. I for one, as the founder, couldn’t do it without you! Here’s to lots more issues including this new one!!



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