SLaM Hair Show

Last Week X-Pose Magazine were honoured to take part in one of Dubai’s funkiest, creative and coolest hair salon’s events. They were celebrating their first birthday and we were there to cover it as it happened!

Who are SlaM? SLaM are a progressive hair salon that offers colouring, cutting and beauty services. They have a number of hair stylists with a great range of skills to give you the look you want. The first birthday hair show was all geared to showcase the salon’s creative hair dressers and their skills. On show were various looks that are popular and in style right now. When we arrived there was a fabulous hustle and bustle of the models getting make up and more importantly getting some great hair styling done for the show. The evening’s DJ was just setting up so whilst all this was going on, we were treated so some great up beat tunes to get us in the mood for the up coming show.

Hair-n-Make-up                                  Hair & Make up in progress for the show

It wasn’t long before the models were almost ready. To make sure everyone was on the same page, the SLaM choreographer put the models and designers through their paces with a quick rehearsal for the show. After a few goes at the rehearsal everyone was good to go!!

Practise                                  Rehearsal Time

Whilst waiting for the show to begin, we had a chance to take some great photos of some of the hairstyles on show. A variety of looks, from short to longs as well as funky pony-tails were available for us to shoot. We set up a quick studio in the corner and got shooting. These photos will give you a better idea of what we saw on the night!

Shots                                 Some great hairstyles on show

Whist waiting for the show to start, we also had a chance to catch up with Rachael Stevenson, one of the partners at SLaM. Here is what she had to say:

XPM – Hi Rachael, thanks for inviting us to cover your first birthday! We have a few quick questions for you. So it’s been a year since you opened your doors at the Al-Joud Centre [just above the infamous “Paul & Serg Restaurant] on Sheik Zayed Road. In the last year, can you mention one or two of your biggest highlights for the salon?

SLaM –  We have been delighted that from day 1 the Salon has been a great success and we have been expanding in terms of stylists, staff and space month on month since opening. Our first birthday Hair show tonight is really the highlight of the year, bringing together our clients and the press of Dubai to showcase Trade mark fabulous SLaM hair!

XPM – How many stylists did you start with a year ago and how many do you have now?

SLaM – We actually opened our doors with just two stylists Rachael and Victoria, and we are delighted to say in just 12 short months we have grown from 2 to 7 full time stylists! We have a great team now and our stylists have years of experience with some of the world’s leading salons like Toni&Guy and Peter Mark.

XPM – We know you’re primarily a hair salon, but do you offer any other services and what might they be?

SLaM – We are actually a hair and beauty salon, with nail and waxing treatments also on offer. We really wanted to offer convenient and great quality beauty treatments to our clients, its great for our ladies to be able to enjoy a manicure whilst getting their hair done. 

XPM – We love the interiors of the salon, and along with the amazing atmosphere here, it makes for a pretty special place to come and get your hair done. Have you all had to work quite hard on creating an identity for yourselves or is it something that’s just happened along the way?

SLaM – We decided to create a progressive and down to earth salon in Dubai – put simply, a welcoming place where women in Dubai could come for superior hair colouring, cutting and beauty services provided by passionate and talented staff. We wanted to create a relaxing environment where our clients could feel at ease, the fresh and unique interior was inspired by a shared love of travel and the beauty of natural elements, especially wood. We also wanted to make sure the salon incorporated the quirky and creative mood of our location in Al Quoz, where we are surrounded by inspirational art galleries and cool cafes

XPM – Just lastly, what are your future plans for SLaM? Where do you see yourselves another year from now perhaps?

SLaM – Myself and the team aim to stay passionate and on top of the latest trends in hairdressing. As the salon grows we promise to continue to deliver the same high quality service and style that keeps our customers coming back for more. Of course we hope to show case more of our work at next years hair show.

With some great music wafting down the corridors of Al-Joud Centre, hordes of people started arriving and filling up the salon. People were chatting excitedly in anticipation for the hair show. Without too much of a wait, the models were strutting their stuff through the salon to a great crowd of onlookers! Rachael explained to the onlookers the various looks and trends the models were showing off for them. It has to be mentioned too, that all the models were wearing some great designs from Judith Hobby Clothing. A long time friend and collaborator of X-Pose Magazine. So, before we all knew it, we were watching the finale with the models and hair stylists, and the show was over!! So much fun and it left us wanting more!!

Show                                  Models strutting their stuff to an onlooking crowd

A big thanks to Meabh, Rachael, fellow partners, the stylists and models for a fabulous evening. X-Pose Magazine were very happy to be there covering the event. Watch this space for future collaborations between XPM and SLaM!!


For bookings or inquiries for SLaM: 800-7526


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