Louder is an independent feature film which was produced and recently shot in the UAE by Dubai based writer, producer, director Jacques Brown. His vision for the film was to work with talented actors from around the world that live in the UAE and to tell a story about love that reflects the multicultural diversity of the region. The tagline for the film is “Love Has a Voice” and he feels that the themes of the movie are close to the heart and resonates with all of us. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your background is. Love is universal and there’s a voice inside everybody that sometimes needs to be heard. Jacques was greatly inspired by the fact that people from different nationalities live together in peace, respecting and celebrating each other’s heritage and culture.


The cast features Casey Shannon in the lead role as “Killian”, a self-made millionaire who has everything in life but is emotionally detached from the world around him. Young Shantilly-Rose Demetri-Robertson plays the larger than life “Zoe” who breaks into his silent world after he takes a vow of silence following a tragic event that disrupts his life. In the process, he starts to fall in love with Zoe’s mother “Stella”, a famous actress played by Shantilly’s real life mother, Suzie Demetri-Robertson. Kris Fade plays “Danny”, Killian’s best friend who pushes him to find real love and Hanna Liatsko is “Katya”, Killian’s personal assistant who ensures that he stays on top of everything while trying to deal with the emotions that have erupted and overwhelm him. The film even sees Baywatch star, Angelica Bridges in the role as Stella’s best friend, who flew in from L.A. to be part of the project. One of Suzie’s close friends she was inspired by the story and the passion of the team.

Jacques says that “Louder” is a very unique project and wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support of sponsors Anantara Sir Baniyas Island where a large portion of the movie was shot, and Ellington Properties who have made their offices and developments available as locations for Casey’s character as a property developer. The lead cast are officially dressed by Sacoor Brothers who Jacques approached as he feels their style resonates with the world of the characters being brought to life on screen. The movie was shot in some of the most beautiful locations around Dubai which include BOA Nightclub, the Madinat Theatre, Al Barari and the opulently decorated La Boheme and Trianon restaurants.


Speaking about making an unfunded feature film in one of the richest regions in the world, Jacques reflects on the challenges the production faced saying that they have come this far only because of the people that have come onboard. The whole team has become more of a family as they share a common goal of making this movie with passion and commitment that is rarely seen. The team includes Zeina Dahlan and Simran Madan as the producers bringing this beautiful story to life with Suzie who is one of the executive producers. Jacques says it’s enlightening to see woman being empowered in the film industry in the region as these three ladies take a firm grip on the reigns to lead the team, setting the standard for others to follow. The whole film was shot with a crew of only six people which included Shane T Cairn as DOP, Aida Gamzatova as wardrobe stylist, and Jayvee Banaag and Khurram Rafique as assistants. He is humbled by the support and dedication that everybody has shown giving 100% commitment to their role in the project, no matter how small or big. Believing in the story and their own talent they’re not idly standing by and waiting for Hollywood or Bollywood to come knocking but prefer to jump into action and build our own industry right here in the UAE.


For all behind the scenes action, follow this amazing team on social media and stay tuned for the release of the film in theatres.

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