Mental health awareness is gaining traction all over the world with an increasing number of people sharing their personal experiences. Contributing to this dialog, and making its message wearable, is homegrown fashion brand Heartknoxx coming soon to the UAE.

Founded by Helen Hope, Heartknoxx was inspired by Hope’s personal battle with chronic anxiety and panic attacks, triggered by a prolonged stint of unemployment in early 2018. “I often brushed my internal struggles off with a simple phrase like, “I’m Fine” However, during my recovery, I realised I was only using this statement to mask something much deeper.” Hope says. 

Publishing her story via Instagram, unearthed a fountain of valuable opportunities for Hope including; a collaboration with UK based creative agency MMP, helping her bring the Heartknoxx vision to life, a week long collaboration with Select Radio and interaction with many  UK based celebrities.

“My aim was to create a brand that would bring me back to life, doing something I loved, whilst also demystifying the topic of mental illness. I wanted to create an edgy yet purposeful clothing label. A brand that people, like myself could identify with, one that ultimately empowers the wearer and prompts conversations”, Hope says, regarding the impact she’d like Heartknoxx to make.

Keeping inclusion at its core, 80% of the brand’s range is unisex. It is manufactured using 100%  organic, responsibly sourced cotton and avoids wasteful packaging where it can. Toting the strap-line, Define Your Difference, Heartknoxx’s pieces are stamped with positively provocative messages, including;  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, Be A Warrior Not A Worrier and the iconic I’m Fine #MentalHealthIsTrending.

With support from international supermodels such as Erin O’Connor & Jodie Kidd, some of the UK’s most prominent DJs and TV personalities, this budding independent label is already widely celebrated. Heartknoxx is set to launch its first retail collection, in Debenhams, Mall of the Emirates and RETOLD.

Website:  www.heartknoxx.com

Instagram:  @Heartknoxx and @MentalHealthIsTrending

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