Dear Readers,

A huge big welcome to X-POSE MAGAZINE. If it’s your first time here….it’s great that you found us and if you’re coming back, awesome to see you again! Either or, thanks for visiting and for your support.

So, now you’ve found us….what to do? If you want to learn more about what the ethos of the magazine is all all about continue reading below. We’re constantly on the look out for people to contribute to the magazine, so do get in touch with us if you feel you have something to offer! This may be from a visual or writing point of view.

X-Pose Magazine is a creative magazine run by creative people! So, we understand the frustration of not getting a bit of that recognition you rightly deserve. Our Vision is to create a launching pad to expose the talents of those super creative people who usually don’t get the opportunities to show-case their work. Our magazine concentrates almost exclusively for creatives in the Middle East and Africa, but we have been known to help expose talent in other parts of the world if they happen to blow us away with their talent. So, don’t be shy to get in touch with us, no matter where you’re from.

For the new year, check out our latest shoot below. We made two short videos, one with dedicated imagery of the garments we shot and one behind the scenes. Below these is a link to the images taken on the shoot itself. Hope you enjoy our latest instalment of work?




If you fall into any of the following creative categories get in touch so we can do a feature on you!
Make Up Artists
Fashion Designers
Hair Stylists
Film artists (film producers, videographers and film directors)
Graphic Designers/Artists
Fine Artists
Tattoo Artists
Interior Designers
Musicians (bands and solo artists)
Anything creative….

If you would like to submit your work, we urge you to do so to:

I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading our  interviews where we give some hard working creatives, some well worthy exposure. We also do our best to bring you super creative and out the box photography and videos, which can be found on the “Photography” pages.

We hope that you continue to enjoy the magazine, so please do spread the word around for us, either via word of mouth or social media, or sharing this site. There is a link at the bottom of each page to our Facebook Page, so you can share and keep up to date on things from there.

Many thanks and best wishes to all of you!

Michael Kruger [Editor and Founder]


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